Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trying to keep a lid on it

Sorry I haven't posted. I had my MRI's weeks ago and they were all ok. No significant change. That was a relief but didn't really provide any answers to my issues. Finished my 4th round of chemo last week and did IVIG Monday and Wednesday this week. Still hanging out at 70mg of prednisone for now. Haven't felt really well the past day and a half so who knows what that means. The higher dose of steroids has brought my face back to it's full moon shape. My attitude is poor but I'm trying to keep a lid on it when I can. My hair is starting to fall out in the shower. Not tons of hair, but enough to notice. We are waiting to see if I can reduce my steroids down again and if not, we will be pursuing another treatment call rituximab, I think. It's another type a chemo that has worked for others. They are working on getting approved with my insurance because they don't like to pay for this particular drug. I am also waiting on my blood test results for RA. My knees have had some joint issues and my doctor is just checking into everything I guess. Apparently when you have one autoimmune disease, it is very likely you have others as well. Oh Joy! That's all for now.