Monday, July 22, 2013

Chemo Update

I did it! I finished my first dose of Cytoxan and everything went well.
I am very tired but that is expected. I haven't felt sick and I am taking more Zofran tonight so I don't get sick during the night.
I need to drink lots of fluids so that I make sure to flush all of the chemo out of my bladder. Cytoxan can cause bladder cancer if it sits in the bladder, so drink I will! I had a huge bag of fluids with my meds already and I feel like I can't drink anymore, but I have another 32oz I have to drink before I can go to bed. I think I have gotten up at least 32 times to go to the bathroom!  Once I finish this last 32 I will have drunk 192 oz. since noon. That's a gallon and a half!
Feeling very blessed tonight. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

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